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Healing From Abuse & Trauma - Victim 2 Victor

Anu | Author | Optimist

This podcast is to support victims of sexual abuse, domestic abuse and overcoming trauma. I am Anu, your host and I have guests on my show who are from diverse professions & backgrounds who all contribute their own teachings to inspire and help us all. If you are stuck in your pain or trauma, unsure of how to even begin addressing all of the heartache and trauma of which you endured from abuse, I need you to know that healing is possible. I, and many former victims before you, have found the strength and hope to rise from the past and to create something magnificent for ourselves and for the people around us. Gain empowerment and control over your life with the many strategies and techniques that have helped me to move on from abuse & trauma and to heal. You can turn it around too. I hope that you find this show to be of value. If you would like to learn or read more about me then please visit my website: https://victim2victor.net. Many useful links can be found here: https://linktr.ee/healing.journeyy
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